IMG_20130209_231600Author of the new breakout hit children’s novel, “All I Want” and CEO of Creating Memories Within, LLC lives and works in Dallas, Texas, USA.  Her new book, “All I Want” has been praised all over America.  The book is also available in The United Kingdom.  It’s been praised as being the answer to the age-old question, how to help children cope with these modern times.  ”This is about bringing substance to the shelves,” says Witcher.

Chanz’e Witcher was featured on The 700 Club with CBN Programming with “Realizing Your Dream.”  She has been featured as a returning guest on Wright Place TV with Dr. Letitia Wright in California.  She is highly sought-after and never fails to inspire and encourage.  As a young girl, Chanz’e was a voracious reader who loved books.  This also fueled her love of writing.  Her goal to impact the world with her message of self–acceptance, self-reliance and self-discipline has been realized.  She is currently on a book signing tour with, “All I Want.”

“We are facing a pivotal moment in time for the youth.  I know that we will see them thrive again.  I will raise my voice and speak for the lives we lost and the lives that still stand,” says Chanz’e.

As the CEO of Creating Memories Within, LLC, she seeks to help other authors by offering ghostwriting, editing, and mentoring services for authors.  As an Expert Ghostwriter, Chanz’e can help you achieve your life-long dream of turning your words into a classic masterpiece.  Her days as a court reporter with a reputation for being empathetic to all situations that arose, made her admirable by all professionals in the industry.  Her professionalism and overall work ethic is astounding.  Her ability for turning in 100% word-for-word transcripts, made her credibility of being elite evident.  This training was crucial to her being able to now provide superior services for authors.

Chanz’e Witcher is a multifaceted entrepreneur and visionary with a host of projects and business ventures currently in motion.  She is set to premiere an intense and inspirational novel coming in 2014.  Stay tuned for a joint venture collaboration set to debut with the best in media, publicity and business services in the fall of 2014.  Be sure to catch every detail of what Chanz’e Witcher has coming next by following her empowering blogs.  There is so much in store for you!

 Let the words flow from within until it reaches the people ~Chanz’e